Edmonton Recycle Your Craft Beer Can Carriers!

In 2013, Alberta had no more than 13 small brewers. Today there are now over 100 craft breweries in the market, thanks to the policy changes by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) in 2013. Below is a graph displaying the rapid growth experienced through 2015 to 2020.

Alberta Brewing Stats Sandy Lane Online Liquor Store

Photo via: Beer Canada. (2020)

As Mike McNeil (2020), the Alberta Small Brewers Association executive director, notes, "We estimate that Alberta beer employs over 3,000 Albertans directly". Sandy Lane Liquor is proud to support the local breweries.

We offer a comprehensive and growing variety of local Edmonton breweries such as: 

Alley Kat Brewing Company

Analog Brewing Company

Bent Stick Brewing Co.

Blindman Brewing

Brewsters Brewing Company

Campio Brewing Co.

Growlery Brewing Co.

Medicine Hat Brewing Company

New Level Brewing Co.

Polar Park Brewing Company

Sea Change Brewing Co.

Situation Brewing

SYC Brewing Co.

Town Square Brewing Co.

Valley Brewing 


Choose To Reuse!

The number of breweries is rising, so does additional waste by-products such as the PakTech Can Carriers. As proud members of the community, it's our job to recycle and help reduce waste in Edmonton. 

With that said, Sandy Lane Edmonton Liquor Store offers a PakTech Can Carrier Recycling Program: 

Alberta Online Liquor Store Edmonton Craft Recycling

Photo Via: instagram.com/sandylaneliquor

- It's simple, bring in 10 sets of can carriers to the store and receive a special offer. 

- We'll make sure the PakTech Can Carriers are brought back to the breweries so that brewery may reuse them. 


Store Address: 15610 95 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5P 0A4




Beer Canada. (2020). Alberta. Retrieved from https://industry.beercanada.com/statistics/alberta


Toy, A. (2020, January 27). ‘Still room’ left in Alberta’s booming brewing and distilling industry: Brewery founder. Retrieved from https://globalnews.ca/news/6460383/alberta-booze-boom-craft-brewing-industry-saturation-concern/

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