ATTENTION: Calling All Wine Lovers!

Who doesn't get excited when there is a delivery package on their door step? It's like a birthday present to yourself! Well the possible "present" just got better. With the power of our online shop, Sandy Lane Edmonton Liquor Store has launched a wine subscription program. Intrigued....let me tell you more. 

Why you should sign up. On the third Thursday of every month you can receive four, six, or twelve bottles delivered directly to your door! If I didn't convince you with the convenience of door step delivery, how about exploring new wines that you might not necessarily pick yourself. Too often, we hear that people just go to their standard picks because they just don't know what else to choose - let us make the decision for you. With your subscription, you will be emailed tasting notes for the wines so you'll be prepared to learn more about wine and broaden your palate. Still on the fence - well, I'm sure I'll convince you with this one. Do you like to save money? Of course you do, who doesn't. Our wine subscription is based around LTOs (limited time offers). While we are focused on taste and balanced variety, we also monopolize on LTOs to give our customers the best value possible. Since we know how many people are signed up for the subscription, we know how much to buy and can pass along these great saving to you. The average bottle in our subscriptions retails for ~$20. The subscription for a twelve bottle subscription with door step delivery is $200; that's only $16 for a quality bottle of wine!

Why you might not sign up. Don't like white wine? No worries, we can give you an all red pack or vice versa. Don't want to have it delivered? That's alright, choose curbside pickup and save even more on your subscription. Scared you are going to get a wine that you know you'll hate? Not a problem, just come into the store and exchange for a bottle of equal or lesser value. It all seems like a no brainer to me, but please send us your arguments of why not to join and we are ready to challenge it. 

As a business owner and a mom of three young kids, I can definitely appreciate the need for one less stop, one less decision, and one glass of wine once the kids are in bed. We, at Sandy Lane Liquor Store, are excited to fulfill this need for all the wine lovers out there.


Caitlyn Bruening


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